About Karola Brecht

Hi guys,

my name is Karola Brecht from Germany. I m pleased to introduce myself to you and try to explain why I do all this:

my project “writing” was started because I didn’t like checking out Amazon ending up not finding the perfect non-fiction book on a topic I was really passionate about. A topic like our cat, a beautiful russian blue. I wanted to make tailor-made, charming books that bind and bound me emotionally, entertain you and make you want to read more about my books and me personally.
So, here we go:

About me

I’m 56 years old, was born and raised in Sandhausen, but by now I based my family in Nussloch, 10 km from the wonderful city of Heidelberg.

My family, that means everything to me, consists of my gorgeous son and my very supportive boyfriend from Algeria (he’s the guy next to me on the picture top-left). The latter is a french and psychology teacher.

As well as me, my son also chose helping people with their physical problems by being a personal trainer. I admire his work with his clients who suffered from back-pain, tensions or problems with their joints, overweight and the psychological suffering that come with it and that have had such a cruel effect on their lives.

For myself, I have worked a lot and not only mentally hard, but also physically. Being an author and publishing by and for myself is an absolute dream come true, that I had never imagined could happen to me. I don’t know if you have ever reached one of your absolute goals (which I hope for you!) and if I could – at least – kind of morally support you in your thoughts, this is a win-win situation.


Veterinary Clinic

Also since I am working in a veterinary clinic, which I very much love and which feels like balancing my life perfectly, I wonder how I found the strength to get this going. Animals, humans – worried pet owners – and the direct effect I have on their lives by helping.


I’m not a professional writer, but every book is written professional!

Anyways, I m still not a professional writer and I never really learned how to write, but happily my son has found ways and professionals (every book is featured by at least one professional!) that guided me on my path and now that you have read so far, I guess I’m kind of getting there ;-) Thank you for your personal interest at this point. You should leave a comment if you feel like it! Well, relying on professional help got me here.


How did I start off with this idea on books?

Simple. My son and me wished to have pets for ourselves and as we did some research, we both agreed on getting one of these royal and mystic Russian blue cats. We just adore our cat, called Emir. So gentle and strong, at the same time heart-warming cute.

After getting to know Emir a lot better and having to learn more without proper guidance, I saw the need in honoring the Russian Blue race by writing a book about it. Since there was non on the market before, I wished I had the experience that I was able to gather in the book when we got him several years ago! So that’s why I started off wiriting my first book.

And… sure I have other hobbies! I love Italy, the amazing food that comes with this country or – better to say – I love great food in general. And apart of being with my family and pets, my son put up a training plan, which I follow eagerly twice a week at the gym – freeing my head.


Feel free to browse, comment or write me personal messages – as so many of you have already done. Thanks for your support!



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