What I do

Great you are not satisfied yet reading about me :-) What I do?

Even though I try to publish and focus a lot more on writing books besides my first and second book on the Russian Blue cat and the Syrian hamster that have come out so far, I still continue working at the veterinary clinic.

This job is or could be physically hard at times, but as I mentioned, gives me back so much more than I sacrifice.

It should be kind of clear why I do all this, don’t you think?


I love what I do

Because I love what I do, which I have realized of being probably the most important thing in life.

Being happy, surrounding yourself with your family and true friends and being honest to yourself and others. All these were also mentioned by this nurse that had written down the regrets of hundreds of palliative patients that she had taken care of during their last weeks. Sad and eye-opening is what I would call this.

If my work could only advance one of you in their thoughts, hopes and dreams, shift forward a regret to still push it through, my job feels done. The nurse has definitely done hers’ right, here I stand. This is very closely related to my day-to-day job. A woman comes into our clinic, deeply unhappy with their little patient, because they have been partners for such a long time. Giving those people the good news after successful treatment or hard truth of life has – I guess – given me a good understanding on what we really need.

Enough :-) let me get back to my actual topic please. I am sorry for talking about so many things in such a crowded manner, but I think every step just needs to be fitted right on your personal own path with its’ ups and downs. That’s our messy life.


I want to give you a few tricks on self-publishing!

I would like to publish a lot more, as I said. Besides books I want to put up loads of blogs that will keep you updated on my thoughts, projects and myself with the latest news. An actual diary of my dreams.

This weblog should also guide you on how to put up such a project like this: “self – publishing”.

Feel free to read through my blogs and gain as much as you want from it. In these blogs I would like to try to give you simple and comprehensible instructions on how you could get to your first book, how to improve the design and raise its’ value ;-)

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