Russian Blue Cat

Russian Blue – Why I wrote about this breed

“Thousands of years ago, cats were worshipped as Gods. They have never forgotten this.”


Why did I decide on writing about the Russian Blue?

This citation pretty much reveals my thoughts on our cat. This cat is part of the family for several years now already and she fits in just right.

After coming up with the idea, I contaced a few friends and after disscussing my thoughts, I announced online that I was looking for other experienced cat owners to help my write about these beautiful creatures. Happily a couple from the US got in touch who had shared their life with cats for over 50 years already. And the most brilliant thing was, that they had focused on the Russian Blue for the last decade. Another important fact was that they were both journalists and had started with a few projects already.

We got into a lively conversation, exchanged experiences, pictures and simply got friends in the end. They gave me great ideas on how to start with the book, what topics to cover on this intelligent, royal and friendly cat that we all admired so badly. I’m actually adding friendly because my cat never destroyed anything in our household or got me into trouble other-how.

Tired Emir - My Russian Blue cat
My Russian Blue cat Emir – He’s tired

In the end, my friends and me were quite shocked that there was no proper book on the market, covering all the topics we wanted to know something about. And the ones’ that were available were either way to expensive or just not good enough to us and for our cats that had so many unexplained things come with it – truly mystical for Russian Blue enthusiasts.

The fact that, indeed, they were the favoured cats of the Russian Czars and British Queens give them the last polish.

We simply love them and I hope that my book could intensify your relationship to your cat.




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